In the distance
There is a mountain made of sorrow
A tidal wave of destruction
Drawing near, its energy ever increases
Its mouth agape
My eyes closed shut
It consumes me

The world I once knew thrashes and swirls
I have lost all control
Every second further into the black abyss
Suffocating pressure, my bones are breaking and my lungs have collapsed
Will I ever take another breath?

To be crushed would bring respite
The light within has long since left me
These depths are endless and the obstacles seem insurmountable

From the darkness, his kingdom begins to emerge
The protection I desire lies within
Many have come here, never to be seen again

Arms outstretched
Niflheim embraces me
Cradled, an infant powerless
I accept his offer

The ice begins to take form
Viral in its pursuit
Skin blackening from his bite
Heart encompassed
Hard as stone
Never to be breached