Writing ish

So I have always written poetry but have not really gotten into it as much as I would have liked. So recently I started really putting some stuff together and I figured I would post it. My ultimate goal is to have a 3D illustration with the poem at some point but for now I am just writing as they come to me. This one is about anxiety, in particular the anxiety that I sometimes get, and the different stages it has. When I do write I like to compare my emotions to real world scenarios so in this case I wrote my about my emotions as they correspond to a mutiny on a ship. So here it is!

Mutiny: The Siren’s Song
Wind in the sails
Bringing me closer to the siren’s song (serenity)
The men are working, focused
Synchronized in every stroke
Drenched and ablaze with determination
The rigging is strong
Knots holding tight
The mast is unwavering
The world is mine
Swords unsheathed craving the head of the captain
The anchor must be dropped, a stand must be taken
The stench of blood now rich in the air
Bowels removed, limbs taken, the remaining men are falling
Unnerved, I cannot believe my eyes
The carnage reaped before me, losses unspeakable
Sights set; the traitors have only one man left to slay
Teeth clenched, vision blurred, the end is near
Wrenched from my dream the ship trembles
The anchor has reached the bottom tearing the ocean floor
Focus renewed I am determined to live
In my cabin I make my stand
There will be no parlay for these bastards
Blunderbuss in hand I face my demons
Flesh explodes from my victims; the walls are covered with their remains
Their numbers are overwhelming, I cannot kill them all
Stabbed in the shoulder, bullet in my gut, blood pours from the wounds
Still I fight
Vision returns, rage subsides, the battle is over
My ship is broken, the crew is dead
Recovery will be long. The wounds I sustained are deep and beginning to fester
Before me the ocean awaits, vast and unforgiving
I can still hear the siren’s song. It is distant but close to my heart
Resonating within my bones I know I must go on