Some new works from work

Hey all,
I wanted to share some work I did recently. This is for a company called Lexar homes. This company branched off of a older company we did work for 2 years ago. The client wanted all of the
homes we did for the older company updated to fit the new market as well as updated 3d quality. Here is my version (bottom) as well as the older version for comparison(top). My involvement included remodeling the entire house, new textures and lighting as well as designing the landscaping. The grass was done with the built in hair and fur modifier within max. We got the foliage and trees from the crazy guys over at archmodels. The rendering was done in Vray. After this home the client wanted all 22 more done so now I am managing a small group of guys to get the rest done. Enjoy!


Eric Durante said…
Looking good man. How you liking VRay? It handles displacement really well.
Mike Reese said…
Thanks Eric! I really enjoy using Vray. We use it at work and it has been great. I have noticed it uses displacements pretty well.